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When you are facing legal matters regarding your home, taking action right away is critical. Work closely with our team to get your legal matter under control. We'll provide you with accurate and frank information so you can make the right decisions for your future. You can trust in our 25 years of experience. 

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 A foreclosure is a type of legal action that a mortgage company takes when the loan is not being paid as agreed by the homeowner. In this case, the lender is trying to either cause a sale of the home so that the mortgage is paid or it buys the property back at a sheriff's sale so that it can re-sell the property to recoup its investment. 

You may be able to stop a foreclosure or a sheriff's sale. 

To do so, you'll want to contact our attorneys right away to discuss your case. Timing is important. We can help you to file bankruptcy, which will put an automatic stay in place to give you more time to get your mortgage debt caught up, refinance the loan, or to reorganize the debt in some cases. 

The lender must provide you with legal notice of all foreclosure actions, including information about sheriff's sales. Your lender will send you letters as soon as you miss a payment and provide you with information on the further actions of the lender. 

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Work closely with our attorney for any residential real estate closing needs you have. We help people to purchase their homes with confidence. You'll get outstanding service from us throughout this complex legal process.

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